New ecancer special issue published on personalised medicine

ecancermedicalscience has published a new Special Issue on personalised medicine.  Within this Special Issue one of the GIB members, Alberto Anguita, is co-author of the article:

Usability on the p-medicine infrastructure: an extended usability concept

Personalised medicine is an emerging global challenge. Researchers, doctors, policymakers and government healthcare officials are racing to meet the demand for customised healthcare, which heralds a new age of patient empowerment while introducing a new set of challenges.

«While personalised medicine has come of age in richer countries, treatments now should match each patient’s individual cancers and their special cognitive personalities,» said ecancermedicalscience Founding Editor Professor Gordon McVie in an interview with the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine. «If we can improve the public understanding of the new ways  to defeat cancer, patients will be better equipped to take responsibility for their own treatment.»

The guest editor Professor Norbert Graf of Saarland University, Germany,  highlights the unique challenges involved in delivering the benefits of personalised medicine to individual patients, and the necessary IT infrastructure.

«The challenge is to deliver the benefits of personalized medicine to each individual,» writes Professor Graf. «Therefore patient empowerment is a main task within the p-medicine project.»