In Nanomedicine, GIB is the coordinator of the European level  project called ACTION-Grid, the first European initiative that brings together Biomedical Informatics, Grid and Nanoinformatics. The mission of this project in the area of Nanomedicine is working on developing nanoinformatics tools such as ontologies, databases and inventories of particulate nanoinformatics resources. 


Another goal of Nanoinformatics field is the development of automated method to generate repositories of bionanoinformatics resources and toxic secondary effects of nanoparticles and classify them for their application in clinical trials in nanomedicine. During the last years Web-based repositories of bioinformatics resources have been built to facilitate their access to researchers of the area.

Until now, these systems have been developed and updated manually. The development of nanomedicine implies to access large amounts of information for R&D purposes. Then, the development of similar repositories will be needed.

The researchers in the Biomedical Informatics Group has developed an automated method for the semantic annotation of bionanomedical resources (such as nanoinformatics tools or nanoparticles) and the search of nanoparticle information (such as characterization and secondary toxic effects) in the scientific literature.

Annotation and search is made from textual descriptions of the resources extracted from PUBMED and the ISI Web of Knowledge.