The main purpose of this project is to catalogue existing genotype and phenotype data resources and to map the projections for the future development of these resources world-wide. This catalogue tries to address the evolution of the accumulation of high throughput, molecular level data from individuals, e.g. genome sequence data, tissuespecific gene expression data, and proteinprotein interaction data from clinical proteomics, which recently has provided additional impetus in the field of individualized systems biology. The focus will not just be on data repositories but also on the growing number of sources from which human phenotype data are gathered and the instruments — e.g., ontologies, methods for data integration, standards — needed for such tasks. In addition, the aim is to establish an overview of activities which construct data integration approaches for the task of finding the individual molecular basis of disease, including elucidation of the role of genetic variation in addition to the interaction with the environment. All data compiled have undergone an initial relevance check, but it will be further qualified by using the expertise of INBIOMEDvision partners and members.