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Background: During the past two decades the European Commission and other European Agencies have supported several European health, academic, clinical, governmental and industrial initiatives. In the health sector in particular, this European support has helped to create sustainable centres with solid scientific, technology and public health benefits. In contrast there has been no significant transfer of expertise and technology to Africa. Health-related African centres find it difficult to compete with other centres from other countries for funding and support for their research and other activities. With this background,the AFRICA BUILD project aims to use Information Technologies to improve capacity for health research and education in Africa.

Objectives: The main objective of the project is the creation of centres of excellence to promote health research, education and practice in Africa. The creation of these centres will be based on four main pillars: e-learning, knowledge sharing, ”know-how” and information technologies. These centres will be created through Web-enabled virtual communities. Expanding this objective, AFRICA BUILD present several subobjectives:

  1. To analyse the state of the art of IT-enabled tools for promoting health research capacity and education in Africa. With this information we will create a Roadmap for future European actions.
  2. To implement an IT-enabled, open and collaborative infrastructure for education, training and knowledge sharing for health researchers in English-, French- and Arabic-speaking African countries, developing virtual communities of practice.
  3. To support the development of appropiate didactic contents to contribute to capacity building of health researchers and grow centres of excellence for training health researchers in Africa.
  4. To facilitate researchers’ mobility and participation in local and international meetings.
  5. To pilot and validate the approach and its impact in real-world research projects dealing in the field of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS research in Africa.
  6. To disseminate outcomes in scientific conferences and journals, media and workshops and conferences in Africa.

Partners: The AFRICA BUILD project is composed by eight partners. The project Coordinator is Professor Víctor Maojo, from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The rest of the partners are:


Four partners are European and four partners are African. The project will have a first initial EU-Africa transfer, aiming to create sustainable South-South communities of African researchers.

Contact (project coordinator): Prof. Víctor Maojo (UPM contact)

Biomedical Informatics Group – Departamento de Inteligencia Artificial – Facultad de Informática – UPM

Campus de Montegancedo, s/n. 28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, SPAIN

Tel: +34 91 336 68 97


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