«Tratamiento 2.0» is a project lead by the enterprise INDRA in which take part the Biomedical Informatics Group (GIB).


1. Create a generic middleware platform

  • Base for the development of applications for the management and implementation of Intelligent treatments
  • Support technology for the MBE as a source for taking decisions about treatment
  • Target: chronic, disabled and elderly patients

2. Reduce dependence

  • Promoting the implementation of relocation treatments
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of treatments
  • Increasing the monitoring and control

3. Directed by the user

  • Citizen Participation / Patient

Technology Areas

  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence
  • New Human Machine Interfaces
  • Augmented Reality


1. Professional Healthcare assisted by expert systems of MBE

  • Filtering of Diagnosis
  • Choosing Treatment

2. Continuous monitoring on the evolution of the treatment applied to patients

  • Context Management
  • Monitoring

3. Intelligent Agents to ensure proper application

  • Environment Variables
  • Evolution of State Health

4. Professional Healthcare informed

  • Changes in Treatment
  • New Prescriptions
  • Emergency Actions

Distribution of Tasks

Work packages:

  • PT1 Aggregation and Knowledge Management of MBE
  • PT2 Context and MBE Patient Profile
  • PT3 Central Integration Unit and User System for T2.0
  • PT4 New Management System of the adherence to treatment
  • PT5 Personalization, Context Management and Intelligent Agents
  • PT6 New Interfaces and Augmented Reality
  • PT7 Architecture Platform and Technical Coordination
  • PT8 User Needs and Assessment
  • PT9 Project Management

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Juanjo Cubillos / Administraciones Públicas y Sanidad / INDRA / jcubillos@indra.es