Collaborative project of clinico-genomic data integration (CICLOGEN): Implantation of models and
computer methods for genomic clinical data integration and visualization.

Clinico-genomic information is stored daily by hospitals and health institutions using different approaches, sometimes incompatible.
One example is the stratification of clinical data during patient recruitment in clinical trials of drugs, showing the difficulty of the integration process. This subproject presents the research and development of a collaborative environment that integrates clinical-genomic data to improve follow-up of chronic patients, as well as methods to improve various phases of the processes involved in clinical trials, in order to better integrate and visualize the patient’s stratified information. The research team has reported numerous publications in the area and has worked on projects funded by the European Commission since 2001 (when we participated in INFOGENMED, the first European project in the area). We currently participate in the InSite platform with eight pharmaceutical
companies and ten integrated European hospitals.
We intend to investigate new methods for semantic interoperability, integration and the creation of a platform for clinical use (searches, reports, decision making, statistics, support to clinical trials) in the national health environment. We propose the following objectives: 1) a collaborative model for the adaptation of new clinical data models available in health systems for the integration and enrichment of these data with genetic data relevant for decision making processes of researchers and clinicians; 2) the creation of methods and tools for semantic integration, which will facilitate, in a visual way, the search for pathologies or inherited genetic disorders; 3) a system of recommendations for identifying appropriate clinical trials for specific patients; and 4) to create an infrastructure model to establish a national medical informatics platform. These objectives will be evaluated and validated with the Genetics unit of the Hospital 12 de Octubre.