[BECAS] Beca de colaboración para alumnos de Máster (Inteligencia Artificial) [CERRADO]

Publicado hace 2 años

The Biomedical Informatics Group offers a scholarship for Master students in the following research areas:

Research Areas

  • Artificial Intelligence applied to medicine
  • Image recognition & analysis
  • Deep learning
  • AI Ethics
  • Explicability

Required skills and experience

  • Knowledge on heuristics & metaheuristics
  • Knowledge on deep learning and images

Job Location 

  • Biomedical Informatics Group – School of Computer Engineering (ETS Ingenieros Informáticos, in Spanish), UPM

Duration and remuneration

  • 750€/month starting on October

If you are interested, please, send your CV (with photography) and academic record, before the 1st of October to sparaiso@fi.upm.es.

Madrid, 15 of September, 2021

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