We have developed a large number of software systems and tools for companies, hospitals or as a result of our R&D activities within many National and International projects.


In medical emergencies the first 60 minutes are considered the «golden hours», a period when more lives could be saved if appropriate measures are taken. We have developed several tools to help health professionals in those situations:

  • A training system with medical protocols visualization in case of disasters.
  • A PDA-based system for military use in health emergencies.
  • Expert systems for everyday use in massive emergencies «prioritizing» patients based on their current health status.

The Vocabulary Server: SerVoMed​

SerVoMed consist of a medical vocabulary server that allows semantic relationships among medical terms and connections between various biomedical vocabularies: UMLS, Gene Ontology (GO) and HGNC.This server is useful for medical applications developers who are working with controlled medical vocabularies. SerVoMed defines a possible interface between an application and the vocabulary server.


The National Library of Medicine (NLM) of the USA has many online databases containing millions of records. The GIB has built a system (the first in the world) that can perform queries on MEDLINE, using MeSH terms in Spanish. The tool allows the usage of MeSH terms in Spanish and English. It is possible to translate from one language to another and it guides the user in the construction of the queries on MEDLINE.  

online tools


The BioInformatics Resource Inventory (BIRI) is a new approach for automatically discovering and indexing available public bioinformatics resources using information extracted from the scientific literature. The index generated can be automatically updated by adding additional manuscripts describing new resources. More...


The main purpose of SNOMED2HL7 is the binding and normalization of clinical terms using such as SNOMED CT, HGNC and LOINC vocabularies. It is capable to obtain relationships between medical concepts and represent them using the HL7 v3. RIM standard. More...


The Electronic Medical Informatics Repository of Resources (e-MIR2) is a public online searchable index of medical informatics resources. The information describing the resources has been automatically extracted from the literature and indexed using Natural Language Processing and Text Mining techniques. More...