Processing and Image Analysis

Teorical aspects of morphological filtering have been investigated, particularly concerning the class related with morphological filters. Among other issues, the GIB has worked in combinations of filters related to the property of "strong filter" and the "levelings".

Using morphological techniques, the GIB have been investigated interpolation methods in ways that preserve and impose restrictions, if desired, the shapes of interpolated homotopy.

Image processing 01


Within the image processing, we have the segmentation of regions and structures of interest, which has been an active area of work which have been used, especially by means of watershed and fusion techniques of flat areas. Although the methods developed are generally applicable, have been applied especially to segment the brain structures (such as cerebral ventricles) and for extraction of particles pathology.

Following is, first, an example of segmentation and modeling of internal structures of the brain:

Image processing 02


And in the second place, an example of segmentation by gradient flood situations on discontinuous edges:

Image processing 03



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